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Another long week at work. There seems to be too much to do and not enough time in which to get it done. It looks like the story of Hillary Clinton using campaign funds to support professional political punditry on social media has broke. Not surprising, of course. I still have a running capture that’s ongoing, but I’ll need to think of the most effective way to parse the data before I write about it. Analyzing social media has been fun for quite a while, so the extra dimension of politics should produce interesting results. I’m absolutely planning on compiling an entry with all the harassment I’ve had come my way from Hillary supporting psychopaths. I suppose strong delusion makes for some pretty intense attacks. Nearly two thirds of the animosity originated from the forty-plus age group. No surprise there. I’m sure many of them blithely cheered Bill on, even during NAFTA and the DMCA. I haven’t had much spare time to update anything online, even writing this is a challenge. Life has been ridiculously busy lately. I’m sure things will calm down again soon. Maybe I’ll get a minute to start poking at my data. Truthfully, I think the only blog entry you can expect in the near future will be my collection of hate messages. I’m certainly not going to expose the few who were kind, though, but rest assured that not everyone is an asshole like you or I.

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2016-04-26 01:11 pm | blah


I feel obliged to clarify things, since you’re all not very bright. Either that, or you’re on the verge of illiteracy. Either is likely, I’m sure. In any case, here goes.


No, I’m not looking to “dox” anyone. I’m not stalking. I’m doing what millions of other individuals and corporations do on a daily basis; I’m dipping my net into the stream of garbage that is social media.

In fact, there’s only one reason you should be afraid of me. If you’re accepting money to promote candidates in elections; You have every right to be afraid.


The last two lists are not “Hit lists”. They were never portrayed as such. They are data. If you actually read (eyeroll) the posts, you see where I point out there are accounts mobbing hash tags that were created around the same time as caucuses and primaries. Those accounts are very likely not “your everyday voter” or “volunteers”.

These are the people I’m looking to single out.


I’m not surprised that everyone latched onto my blog. Hillary supporters are verified morons. Does this stop me? Negative. I’m pressing on despite very strong opposition. As a matter of fact, once I’ve pushed out results from my gathering of information, I will also be gathering all the personal threats made against me and posting them publicly for all to see exactly how dense and full of hatred Hillary supporters are. That’s really just a bonus for me, since you were all so hell-bent on trying to get me fired.


I don’t give a fuck who you vote for, but what irritates me more than anything else is when money changes hands for things like illegal use of social media. Did you know that political advertisements legally have to be attributed with “paid for by”, etc? Oh yeah, I’ll be singling out all the eggs, bots, and garbage accounts.

It’s pathetic that I have to clarify this, but you people are pretty oblivious. Go ahead, ignore Panama Papers links, speeches to huge banks, ignore reality. It’s obviously serving you so well.

I hate you all.

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2016-04-11 12:31 pm | Retards, #MoronsWithHer


I’ve been getting a number of complaints lately about my Open Source Intelligence gathering so I figured I would address everyone’s concerns with this single blog update.

Fuck you.

You democrat pieces of shit did nothing to prevent the Patriot Act. You’ve done nothing to hinder the NSA’s domestic spying programs. You’ve even called Ed Snowden and Chelsea Manning “terrorists”.

So I’m going to give you a taste of your own medicine. Every piece of shit halfwit “semi-Republican” I see who seriously doesn’t think Hillary is a bad person can live with the fact that I’m watching all their interactions with others on social media. I’m tracking you by your ID number in case you decide to change your username. I’m watching every geolocation tagged tweet, every reference to your daily lives, I’m going to scrutinize everything you do. I’ll create histograms to display the hours you’re most active. Are you an insomniac? Are you collecting disability? Are you tweeting all day at work? I’ll know more about you than you ever wanted anyone to know.

Also, it genuinely has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton herself. It has everything to do with you. You are what’s wrong with society. You are the thing helping to hold true progressives back. You are what need be destroyed. You are why the independents like myself are taking over.

You have been warned.

EDIT: I can’t help but laugh about the comedy coming from you asshats. No, I’m not looking for the typical tragic moron who could just as easily support Trump. I’m looking for the jackasses like @allanbrauer who are pretty much paid to shit propaganda into the internet. You can follow links to his blog pretty easily and uncover his ties to Hillary’s wallet. I’m trying to ferret out the cockroaches who don’t wear their source of income like a badge of honor.

It also might be important to note that law enforcement doesn’t take kindly to idiots wasting their time, and digging for credible threats where there are none will surely anger them. No, folks, I’m not making real threats to physical safety. You’re idiots, yes, but I don’t give a fuck what you do. As I said, I’m looking for the cockroaches hiding their associations with the Clinton campaign.

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2016-04-07 05:16 pm | Fuck you


I never wanted to get into politics, I’ve enjoyed abstaining for a long time. It had only become complicated when pieces of legislation like the Digital Millenium Copyright Act managed to sluice through the cracks and fuck up my life. Yes, this act directly effects me. Yes, it’s detrimental to my lifestyle. It’s detrimental to my data aggregation habits.

In any case, I’m voting for Bernie for some pretty damned decent reasons. He’s totally opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership; a horror-show of 7,000 pages dedicated to NAFTA-esque freebies for exporting U.S. jobs. Bernie also supports net neutrality. Why would he support net neutrality, you ask? Nearly all the momentum that has propelled him in this election originated from free and democratic access to the internet. The idea that I should have to pay extra to AT&T or Comcast for people to access my Twitter feed at a reasonable speed is not only asinine, it’s unconstitutional.

I voted for Bernie in Michigan’s primary. I’m going to vote for him again in the general election, he’s going to be on the ballot. Hillary is a disgusting creature and quite possibly won’t even be eligible for the democratic nominee spot.

I encourage everyone to read Hillary’s emails on Wikileaks.

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2016-04-02 11:31 am | politics, rant, blah
Music: Twenty One Pilots - Oh, Ms. Believer

More Accounts Crop Up

It looks like more anti-Bernie twitter accounts are starting to fill up some choice hash tags mentioned in my previous post. Maybe we can figure out if some of these people are paid shills, or if they’re actually this delusional.

User ID# Time Zone Joined
@southerntalker 22873947 Eastern Time (US & Canada) 2009-03-05 03:35
@KevinDarryl 2400901568   2014-03-21 03:57
@TeeTweetsHere 51259550 Eastern Time (US & Canada) 2009-06-26 22:42
@MaryL1964 252353889   2011-02-15 01:05
@michgirlindc 186830196   2010-09-04 14:36
@drunkandfamous 2664309235 Pacific Time (US & Canada) 2014-07-20 23:32
@rleedep 32486821 Central Time (US & Canada) 2009-04-17 17:21
@danielsloebey 697988570494009344   2016-02-12 03:40
@demliberalways 4895124597   2016-02-10 15:15
@TheFuzzyLobster 25022491 Eastern Time (US & Canada) 2009-03-18 03:45
@dleemar 558093419 Central Time (US & Canada) 2012-04-19 22:00
@6nsinvt 1897239480   2013-09-23 13:12
@AndrewKilljoy 398576647   2011-10-26 07:58
@dollyp724 1909087813   2013-09-26 20:05
@rs130 159471232   2010-06-25 13:23
@catperson1187 3151702404   2015-04-12 17:02
@LinaMonroy01 15258809 Mountain Time (US & Canada) 2008-06-27 23:10
@Auxi13Sheila 331377273   2011-07-08 02:36
@Only4RM 60841112 Quito 2009-07-28 07:25
@CraigCrawlspace 4870825173   2016-02-02 00:54
@heyjdey 136881432 Pacific Time (US & Canada) 2010-04-25 05:04

Right off the bat it looks like @CraigCrawlspace is a paid shill or a bot. @demliberalways is also highly suspect. Lastly, @danielsloebey is absolutely a paid shill.

What do you think?

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2016-03-18 04:14 pm | #ImNotWithHer, #FeelTheBern, $hillary