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In migrating this damn downward spiral to the latest version of Jekyll, I discovered that a great many things have changed. I also consistently ran into an issue with liquid tags. Tons of Liquid: Cannot assign Fixnum yadda yadda. Long story short, the only way to silence Jekyll’s incessant whining was to work around it. Capturing offending data and using the captured variable seemed to silence the cries. {% for tag in page.tags %} {% capture garbage %}{{ tag }}{% endcapture %} <a href="{{ garbage | escape }}">{{ garbage }}</a> So when you get the lame ass “Fixnum blah blah”...  

2018-02-24 01:24 pm | jekyll, liquid, error

Random Ass Update

Even though you wouldn’t be able to discern as much from this blog, I’ve been busy as hell. My career is sapping every spare minute from me, and any time I get that isn’t dedicated to my career I typically spend wasting on brain-dead pursuits that numb me from the frantic ridiculousness that is my gainful employment. There are days when I wish my employer might find my blog and fire me ‘Damore-style’. Selfish notion, I realize, but I’m also aware that it isn’t likely. I will get no respite from the relentless march. I’ve been picking on an italian...  

2018-02-24 12:06 pm | random, update

Essential PragmataPro v1.1

It looks like Fabrizio Schiavi accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment. Neato. I’ve been wanting an updated version of PragmataPro. The pirates simply haven’t been keeping up. So I happened to have a few bucks laying around in Bitcoin, spun up some fake information, signed up to his website with a disposable email account, and bought his font.

Also, if you’d like to pitch in to buy the whole series so that I can post it here, hit me up. Throw me some BTC. I’ll deliver.

Essential PragmataPro

In case you really do want to contribute to me obtaining and distributing ‘Regular PragmataPro’, here are a few places to shekel me:

BTC: 3Pst3XjfrgAy7L8KnxRtTWG75cwBfRyKrL  
BCH: bitcoincash:qpn0gq9rsdkxexd6ctuh0euyjdv0vqxeuu5092ul8v  
ETH: 0x8634ea9cac38a24eb9165d87e2cf24afc57158ec  
XMR: 49zU42s1SiJgDajrtH3CrybUnKFJkKvpAR2pZCxudjzK8K6UoVzfK9XWbwaVe4vUMveKAzAiA4j8xgUi29TpKXpm42gh4Zk  
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2018-02-23 09:32 pm | Programming, fonts, PragmataPro

What the Hell

This is really just a sort of a quick blurb about how I still exist. Nothing really else to say at the moment. Not sure when I’ll update again or what my update will consist of. I’m strongly considering gutting this space for something else. Not sure what. There are a few things I’ll continue to host in perpetuity, though. At least, I fully intend to host until the statute of limitations is long past. Fucking lame skids.

I’m sure that when I get a minute I’m also going to wax poetic about life in general and about successes, lessons learned, things I’m striving for, and the happinesses in my life. I just can’t make any promises at the moment.

This is turning into a more long-winded update than I had originally intended. That’s okay I guess.

Anyways, you can watch this space or not. Regardless of what you do or even regardless of the upcoming net neutrality bullshit, I’m not going to be silenced. Not permanently. I might post infrequently, but my voice will always be heard.

Peace, bitches.

Addendum: I think I know what I’ll blog about next, as far as tech material. I’ll toss up my current irssi setup in it’s entirety, using AWL and a few other scripts.

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2017-11-23 07:18 pm | omgwtfbbq

Mother of God

I just have one thing to say:

Being on the road sucks.

That’s really all, at the moment. Maybe, if life slows down some, I can get a few more words out there. I’ve learned a hell of a lot in the last month or two of being a road warrior. Not only professionally, but in adapting my life to being a remote one.

Needless to say, OpenVPN has become my friend. I’ve learned quite a bit about making my life easier in all respects by using it. Especially when it comes to maintaining a connection to my family and my home life despite my not being home.

I just hope when I’m done out West, I won’t need this information ever again.

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2016-07-10 12:25 pm | time, work, life, death