Things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. The people in our lives who make us feel things no one else can. The sigh of relief coming from D.C. with Biden taking office. A Coronavirus vaccine is on the way. Happy and healthy kids. The promise of open borders and traveling once the virus subsides. A future borne from hard work and maximum effort. I think I could go on more, but I’ll just leave this here for now.

Installing a *.Msixbundle File

This is a pain in the ass. My user profile is prevented from accessing the “Windows Store” by my administrator, because they’re dumb I guess. I dunno. It’s really not a clever move if you think about it, because you’re ensuring that people source their software from places other than “vetted distribution sites” such as Windows Store. But, whatever. This is the workaround. All you’re required to do is open powershell and execute the command Add-AppxPackage file.

Election Anxiety

As I write this, Donald Trump is lobbing salvo after salvo of attackis against Democracy in the United States. When people get out and vote in massive numbers, Republicans lose. Trump knows this, and he’s twisting this fact around to make it look like the 47% of racist assholes in the United States are actually a majority, when they clearly are not. Joe Biden pulled record numbers and managed to get black voters to turn out in record numbers.

De-Nazification and Post Trumpism

I figured I’d take a moment and expand on this, as it’s going to determine the next few decades and how we’re able to heal as a nation. If Trump and his associates are not prosecuted, they argue, it might set a devastating precedent. Others worry that the desire to prosecute Trump could amount to no more than “vengeance” that would further erode democratic norms. This vigorous debate on the left asks how we as a nation can get to the bottom of the Trump administration’s criminal behavior, while also ensuring that no future administration can act in such a manner again.


Using the bible to extract truth from existence is akin to rebuilding a corn cob from kernels found in a pile of feces. Using science to extract truth from existence is like rebuilding a corn cob from a corn field. Your choice here is highly indicative of who you are as a person. All these idiots squawking about the COVID vaccine being “the mark of the beast” are clearly not educated on Revelations.

Peter Thiel is totally gay, people

This post mirrored from By now, you’ve likely heard how Peter Thiel parlayed a $500,000 investment in Facebook to a stake now worth $750 million. There’s been a crush of coverage on his $220 million Founders Fund, which may well change the way entrepreneurs get paid in the Valley. We know about his mansion (he rents it — clever!), his butler, his early-morning jogs. But what no one ever says out loud: Thiel is gay.

Barry Goldwater

“Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they’re sure trying to do so, it’s going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can’t and won’t compromise. I know, I’ve tried to deal with them.” – Barry Goldwater He fucking knew.

Sign This, Kick Trump Out

👉 Sign Here 👈 Kick Trump out of the White House, don’t let that son of a bitch steal our election from us. It’s important now more than ever that fascism not creep into the system. He had four years to flail about like the fascist pig he is, and now it’s time for his fat orange ass to get the boot. We’re not taking it anymore, and no inbred yokel is going to change our minds no matter how much they want to fellate Trump.

The Abyss

In the case of faithless electors, I think it’s time we put together a list of names and addresses of the electoral college at present. They need to know they will be held accountible if they do not vote how we want them to. If anyone knows how to get this list, drop me a line so I can post that sumbitch up here and help ensure that our democracy is preserved without some rich asshole stealing the election from us.


This sucks. It sucks a ton. FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

8 Passengers

Holy fucking shit. I was literally just made aware of an insane gaggle of assholes behind the YouTube account 8 Passengers. Before I start ranting, watch this absolute TRASH play out. The video is obvious crap. Their production quality is trash and yet it also looks like a lot of effort put into trash. So that aside, this psychotic bitch rolls off with this unwarranted smile and peppy demeanor about “Kevin” testing positive for COVID.

Fuck Trump Dump

Here, have some tasty memes that celebrate the destruction of Trumpism for the next four years.

Treasonous Trump

Now I have an even greater stake in how personal the election is to me. Whatever the long-term effects are of COVID, I’m going to be saddled with that shit. In the interim, it’s a horrible disease to have. I frequently cough to the point of nearly vomiting, the fever and chills are horrendous, and the body aches are otherworldly. Donald J. Trump should be tried in a military tribunal for treason.

It's Over, Biden Wins

That’s it, folks. Pennsylvania has been called for Biden. The end of Trump’s cancerous influence over the nation looms large, and we can collectively breathe a sigh of relief. It’s my hope that we can mend as a nation, figuring out a way forward that disavows the hateful ethnic nationalist rhetoric he espoused. I greatly look forward to making racists afraid again. They need to crawl back into their holes to hide.

True Love

I feel a need to publicly effuse about where I am in life right now. In the midst of being a parent, being a career-minded person, and just being myself; There is one aspect of my life eclipsing and enhancing everything else. I am completely and fully in love. I’ve found in someone my intellectual better, incredibly generous, optimistic, empathetic, hilarious, fun-loving, and just so amazing. And-the-sex-oh-my-god. I’ve found my soulmate.


Holy shit. As of this moment we’re sitting at: Biden Trump Electors 264 214 Votes 72,038,030 68,580,825 Percentage 50.4% 48% I’m just completely blown away. This is just fully badass, and I can’t believe we’ve done it. Fuck Trump. Fuck Don Junior. Fuck Eric Trump. Fuck them all. We’re free, fucking finally. Fuck Trump supporter trash.

Election 2020

The anxiety is running high. We’re careening headfirst into the next chapter of this nation, and the next few days will determine whether we begin to heal as a nation or we continue to scratch our heads in wonder at how people can unapologetically support fascism and the destruction of our constitution. It’s also really interesting when people call descriptions such as mine ‘hyperbole’ when constitutional scholars are aghast by Trump’s time in office.

Ear to the Ground

I’ve been watching The Alt Right, Boogaloo Boys, and other undesirables' activity online. I’ve been at it for some time now. In all reality, I’ve probably consumed more of material than they do. I don’t monitor them because I care about them, agree with them, or enjoy their ideas. On the contrary, I find them to be utterly repulsive as people. They strike me as being lesser creatures, if I’m being completely honest.

TheLounge Heap Size

Finally I have something technical to contribute. God dammit. So I’ve decided to embark on a journey of pushing software called thelounge to it’s breaking point. I’m running it on a raspberry pi 4 with 4GB of RAM and little much else to do except placate me. I set it up to record -1 lines of buffer and I’m connected to a bouncer that’s on multiple networks with a handful of channels on each network.