youtube-dl Download

Since the RIAA is getting Microsoft to delete the popular download utility youtube-dl from Github and every fork that exists is also being removed, I figured I’d host it myself. They haven’t stopped hosting it themselves, but I figured they could use some vocal support. Fuck the RIAA, fuck Microsoft, and fuck Github. Download it from them or from me. Fuck the RIAA.


I feel like there’s an air of general unease everywhere right now. You have the ultra-capitalist fruitloops regarding human lives as expendable fuel for a thriving economy, and you have individuals who just want to exist without failed leadership completely ignoring the health and welfare of the general public. Both sides are deeply carved out in how they’re voting, and polling indicates Biden has a lead, but I’m not entirely sure we can trust polling anymore after 2016.


Figured I’d test out Hugo’s ability to handle utf-8 just for shits and giggles. I’m also giving WSL 2.0 a spin, checking out the subtle nuances between 1.0 and current. Not sure I’ve really noticed any difference yet, but maybe I’ll see them once I install packages. Not really sure. I looked briefly at the version comparison chart, but I don’t really remember the highlights. I just remember that overall, WSL 2.


I do far less with this damn thing than I either expected or wanted to do with it, and my work/life balance is really one of the largest contributors. Even beyond that I frequently find myself choosing to vegetate with Disgaea 5 on the switch, grinding away at maxing out character classes and beefing up stats rather than writing a thoughtful post or describing some tech hurdle I’ve recently overcome. It’s whatever.

Holy Shit

You know the Trump GOP is a cult when their dear leader can downplay the danger of a disease for months and then contract the disease and the followers still say “MASKS ARE OPPRESSION”. Just so fucking stupid. These people are literally too stupid to live. I can believe Trump contracted COVID with how stupid he’s been about wearing masks. Even when he started wearing a mask it was only for show.


I had seen a video recently on “Explaining Computers” and I noticed that the Raspberry Pi 4 now supports booting from a USB drive. Considering that it also has USB 3.0 support, and you can readily find SATA/USB 3.0 adapters, I think this makes for a pretty promising Pi 4 build. I’m considering snagging another along with the necessary cabling and a SATA drive to create a reasonably decent headless server with some beefy storage and better access times than SD flash.


I think I’m a little in shock about how much work I have coming my way. It’s pretty intense. It looks like I’m going to have at least two, possibly three concurrent high profile projects as well as a number of smaller projects interspersed. I can’t really say how things are going to go, but I’m going to do my damnedest to get it done and do it right. I’m also writing this post on my phone using JuiceSSH, which is pretty cool.


I started “The Boys”, and it’s damned good. Highly recommend. It’s even grimier than Watchmen, a good sight more believable as well. Check it out some time. Besides, Amazon knows how to spend ad dollars effectively. Also, the fucking money quote: “So… You’ll teach me to outrun cancer?” Holy fucking balls. 😂

Cult of Personality

How did we get here? I find myself asking that question over and over. It’s almost a daily reflection for me. How did Harvey Weinstein vicitimize women for thirty years? How did Jeffrey Epstein turn sex trafficking into a cottage industry? How did Trump maintain his personality cult across thirty allegations of sexual impropriety? The truth nearly seems stranger than fiction. At least, to me. I’ve always been an incredibly defiant person.

Super Mario 64 Windows

Super Mario 64 Windows Edition Some crazy cats decided to reverse engineer and port Super Mario 64 to Windows and DirectX. So here it is. Download it. sha256sum: 6aca0bf380e62ec7ebe7c2b44597d9a5b0f29507ea59474acbdda285f7ada7b6 SMB64PCdx12.rar VirusTotal Result See the VirusTotal result to guarantee the download above is clean. It’s pretty awesome, but you’ll need to install Steam and run it through Steam in order to configure a controller. Personally I think the Switch Pro controller is the best bet for playing, but that’s all a matter of opinion.

Local Realism

It appears as though the nihilists are winning as we delve deeper into quantum mechanics. Local realism is under attack from every front, it would seem. I honestly despise the fact that quantum mechanics are easy and cheap to dip your toes into. It’s a short segue from polarized light to breaking existence as we know it. Who wants a universe that both exists and doesn’t exist until you observe that it either exists or doesn’t exist?

AI Assisted Upscaling

So this is “in the works”, I haven’t succeeded yet. The ultimate goal is to be able to upscale a shitty 70kb jpeg to a megapixel jpeg using trained neural networks. Badass, rite? Well, the disclaimer here is that I’ve been chipping away at this project and haven’t yet got a functioning setup. So without further ado, here’s my fucking trainwreck. I started off following the guide at alexjc/neural-enhance. My first attempt involved me thinking I was slick and I could just grab the docker container since it’s already installed, configured, and the neural networks trained with more than a few already very usable targets.


I don’t feel as though I truly captured the issues at hand with the current “Trump2020” movement. So here goes nothing. In my previous incredibly inebriated post I made a piss poor attempt to compare the mentality of Trump supporters to those in an abusive cult. I still stand by this statement, but I don’t feel as though I did a very good job explaining why. First and foremost, let me say that people don’t have to justify what they feel, think, say, or do.

God Dammit

God dammit. Well, what’s done is done, I guess. But I can tell you now I’m going to start policing myself for posting while doing dabs, because that was some bullshit. It was barely coherent, scattered, and ridiculous. I didn’t reach the original intended point at all and the few points I did stretch to make were sloppily done at best. It was mostly just angry shouting. I can’t stand that shit.

Trump and QAnon Explained

Introduction I’m going to make a case for something, and there are many of you who won’t agree with it. Though, the reasons for this are varied, it will be a tough pill to swallow. If you were on the other side of the fence you’d be able to see it. Seven Signs You’re in a Cult Opposing critical thinking Isolating members and penalizing them for leaving Emphasizing special doctrines outside scripture Seeking inappropriate loyalty to their leaders Dishonoring the family unit Crossing Biblical boundaries of behavior (versus sexual purity and personal ownership) Separation from the Church Above are a reasonably complete set of criteria for determining whether you may be a member of a cult.

Bruce Aylward is a Coward

Background: Figured I’d give my two cents, since a portion of the news made it into a funny clip I posted. Here goes. Bruce Aylward is a fucking coward. He’s a spineless sack of dicks with Chinese aristrocracy’s hand up his ass, moving his mouth. He’s a tool. Absolutely worthless. Facts don’t care about his feelings, nor do facts give a rat’s ass about how badly he doesn’t want to piss off his overlords.


Random dump of media.