Days Reverberating

Is it easier for me to be dismissive if I never expected this to be my career? I honestly thought I’d be stuck in abject poverty. It started that way, anyways. I guess I should re-frame my question. Many people, especially fairly neurotypical ones, make a plan for the future and make reasonable attempts at sticking with it. Some people go to law school, others become dental hygienists, and a good number of people go into nursing.

Social Justice as Financial Leverage

Before you dig into this stupid rant, make sure you read this report. If you haven’t read it, you won’t understand what the fuck I’m talking about. The latest slam page written by Hindenburg Research is about Jack Dorsey’s predatory credit and payment companies. It’s a well-written and concise report with testimony from former employees of Block. This report goes above and beyond statements of facts about why a company may go solvent.

Cathie Wood Is a Moron

I read the Hindenburg Research report on Block. A few of the mentioned points regarding Block are blatantly obvious to anyone that has used their services. They’re out to make a buck, and they’re not above doing really shady shit to get all the bucks. Is this unusual? Of course not, it’s standard business practice, and I think that’s really the angle Cathie Wood is coming from to defend Block. She’s a fucking moron and a scumbag.


It looks like there’s a weird job offer on the table. Not sure how to regard it, but I’ll certainly hear them out to see what compensation would look like. At this point I’ve only been here for seven years because I haven’t had any compelling competing offers thrown at me. I’m not the moron to say something like “I would never betray my employer”. That’s purely idiotic. I’m always open to better offers.

Titular Title

I’m pretty sure I’ve peaked. Everything I was going to accomplish in my life as far as technology and science, I’ve already achieved. When it comes to learning, programming, and electronics- It’s all downhill from here. That’s it, show’s over. I think a huge portion of the reason for this lies in my job. Every job I’ve had prior to this one has demanded nothing of me intellectually. In order to cope with a need for stimulation, I sat down and learned everything I could about computers, electronics, networking.

Donald Trump Fucks a Porn Star and Now the GOP Wants to Defund the DA

In a wild turn of events, assholes Jim Jordan, James Comer, and Bryan Steil, are now threatening to defund the Manhattan District Attorney over his handling of the Stormy Daniels bribery case. All because Trump banged Stormy Daniels, paid her to shut the hell up about it, got caught, and became president afterward. How the fuck are Republicans a thing anymore? They have absolutely no credibility. Honestly, they have a negative credibility balance, it’s time to take out a credibility loan.


It’s wild that we’re on the verge of nuclear war. I won’t claim that I care a ton. I suppose an all-out nuclear war would drastically alter (or end) my life, but until the flashes in the sky it’s just a “maybe” at best. We’ve been “on the verge” since laying waste to Hiroshima. As if that’s not stressful enough, you have a racist old man in Florida trying to split the country apart, and succeeding.


I wish I had more capability to write anything outside of “stream of consciousness”. It’s an irritating limitation. I can’t do “deep dives” into anything, really. I can’t be bothered to focus my attention for longer than three minutes on any given subject or task. It’s incredibly deleterious to accomplishing anything, really. Attentiveness feels like torture to my attention-depleted brain. Well, I guess that’s all the time I have to dedicate to that subject.

Triple Threat

Yeah, you can safely ignore blog post titles now. It’s all running together and meaningless unless otherwise stated. I guess that’s fine. Doesn’t seem to bother me much considering I continue to do it. I’m not one for titles, I guess. I sometimes think I have an idea of what I want to write, but then I actually sit down to write and a bunch of stuff I didn’t expect comes out.

Sunday Funday

I fucking love weekends. I never work them, and I typically need the two days of rest in order to recuperate from the insanity of the work week. It’s not just insane during work, but I have kids. They have stuff they do after school. It’s tough to be a parent these days. Back in the 90’s kids didn’t do shit. We were kicked out the front door and told to be home in time for dinner and that was pretty much it.


I restarted an anxiety medication and I always feel a weird buzz in my brain for the first half hour after it kicks in. I’m not fond of the feeling it produces, but it seems to help quite a bit after the initial buzzing wears off. Has anyone else experienced that with Buspar, I wonder? I’m sure they have. I highly doubt I’m the only person prescribed it that would feel at least some side effect.

Duly Noted

I was going to start banging out a contentious stream of my usual gripes, but I don’t think I’m going to do that today. Instead, I’m going to write about things that I’m excited for and incredibly happy about. I’m getting married at the end of April to a wonderful woman that checks all my boxes as well as boxes I didn’t know I had to check. She’s the best. As unyielding and unforgiving as the world can be, it’s the relationship we’ve built that I can retreat to.

Data Privacy Matters

On the offhand chance you haven’t seen the latest egregious moral assault on freedom by Republicans, they’re grabbing attempting to power-grab at the private medical data of women in Virginia in order to force births upon women. This should chill you to the bone, and if it doesn’t, you honestly are the problem with humanity. The amount of disgust I feel right now is immense. Especially with these self-righteous twatbags constantly crying about the constitution as if they were even remotely aware of its contents.


My last relationship was simultaneously the worst thing as well as most transformative to ever happen to me. I didn’t come out cleanly on the other side, but I absolutely came out a stronger and more aware person. I can safely say that in the eight years in which it lasted, the only honest statement she ever put forward was that she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder twice, once as a teenager and once as an adult.


Anxiety is a dual-edge sword. On one hand it’s an incredibly useful tool to keep yourself out of dangerous situations. Being somewhere you really don’t need to be that could potentially lead to bad situations or harm should cause you anxiety. It’s the same sort of notion behind our ability to detect heat. It keeps our hands out of open flames. So too anxiety serves a purpose. Of course, this is just me justifying that I feel it in copious amounts.

The Ashes of Rome Are on Fire

It’s wild to me that a thirteen year old girl got knocked up two thousand years ago and the lie she told carries repercussions even today. Thanks to that little shithead we have morons screaming about homosexuality like it affects them personally. It’s absurd that in this day and age there’s still a culture war raging. The self-righteous side would gate-keep marriage from all but heterosexuals and diminish the voice of the gay community to but a whimper, should they win this war.

Adani Tumbling

I don’t know if you’ve been living under a rock or not for the last week or so. On the slight chance that may be the case, allow me to tell you that India’s wealthiest man is turning out to be just as much “call center scammer” as India’s poorest men. Pajeet done goofed. It’s a wild story to watch unfold, especially as this “Hindenburg Research” has viscerally ripped Adani a new asshole with an intense and damning report ranging from clear nepotism to blatant fraud.

Mastodon Is Run by Furries

You’ll be pressed to find a more degenerate group than “The Furry Fandom”. The degeneracy is storied. They’ve been kicked out of so many convention centers for incredibly stupid yet valid reasons. One notable account of furries being absolute degenerates involves a group of them jerking off into a bong and then using it. Disgusting. Then, another instance of furries that lead to them being banned from a hotel convention center revolved around a pizza involved in a similar bukkake situation that was subsequently left in the hotel hallway for staff and other customers to witness.


First and foremost; If you’re here because you searched for “Gangstalking” and believe you’re being “gangstalked”, I encourage you to seek emergency mental help. Do it for yourself. Do it for your family. Get help, you’re not well. It’s been a long time since I’ve read about gangstalking. It’s essentially the belief that an individual is being targeted by a covert campaign of spying and harassment for no apparent reason. If that’s not ridiculous enough, these people have entire communities they’ve put together where they do virtual dick-measuring about how targeted they are.

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my lovely soon-to-be-wife. I love you so much. You’re my favorite, my everything, my love. I’m lucky to have you, and I’m glad I get to be with you.