This is where I’m going to collect all my actually useful blog posts that are worth reading. Ie. the non-emo, non-gay, actually coherent collections of information worth reading. It’s basically a shortcut to the meat and potatoes of the blog.

I’m going to try to cohesively sort/organize and make it somewhat easy to navigate. Kinda. Sorta. Whatever. Just pick out what you can use.


irssi 100 window keyboard shortcuts
irssi quick and dirty mass hilight For extra bastard points!

Jekyll / Blogging

Youtube embedding in Jekyll
Kramdown Syntax
Fast stdout() -> Kramdown via Awk
@font-face compatibility

Statistics / Maths / Metrology

Introductory GR&R with Minitab
Poor Man’s Histogram
Euler’s Phi Function - Ruby
Euler’s Phi Function - Rust
Chamfer Calculator - Rust
Chamfer Calculator - C


Twitter mention counter / Gephi tool
Tweet scraper
Tweet Histogram Script
Tweet scraper - Ruby

Random Bits

4chan grabber
Run APKs Android Apps on ANYTHING

More coming soon

Alright, alright. I know. I’m lazy. I’ll add more as I comb through this pile of shit. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe these are the only worthwhile posts. Oh well. I’ll try harder.