This is where I’m going to collect all my actually useful blog posts that are worth reading. Ie. the non-emo, non-stupid, actually coherent collections of information worth reading. It’s basically a shortcut to the meat and potatoes of the blog.

I’m going to try to cohesively sort/organize and make it somewhat easy to navigate. Kinda. Sorta. Whatever. Just pick out what you can use.


irssi 100 window keyboard shortcuts
irssi quick and dirty mass highlight For extra bastard points!
TheLounge Heap Size TheLounge running out of memory? Here’s a fix.
minbif on FreeBSD Cobbled minbif together to run on FreeBSD.
list of freenode staff resignations aka Andrew Lee is a piece of shit.

Hugo / Jekyll / Blogging

Youtube embedding in Jekyll
Kramdown Syntax Thumbnails!
Fast stdout() -> Kramdown via Awk
@font-face compatibility
Hugo Templates i18n Got template problems? Check here.
Pinning Posts in Hugo Pinning posts in Hugo is easy! No excuses!
Hugo Automatic Gallery / Bundling Doesn’t get any easier than this. Awesome.
Hugo Render Hooks Do neat stuff like automatic jQuery fancyboxes.

Statistics / Maths / Metrology

Introductory GR&R with Minitab
Poor Man’s Histogram
Euler’s Phi Function - Ruby
Euler’s Phi Function - Rust
Chamfer Calculator - Rust
Chamfer Calculator - C
Unit Vectors to Angle Learn how to convert unit vectors to angles and back again! MATH IS FUN.


Twitter mention counter / Gephi tool
Tweet scraper
Tweet Histogram Script
Tweet scraper - Ruby

Random Bits

4chan grabber Badly outdated.
Run APKs Android Apps on ANYTHING Does this even exist anymore? 😂
Systemd log purging Free your drive from systemd.
Raspberry Pi Watchdog Timer Raspberry pi dead? Try this.

Hall of Shame

Only two assholes posted up here so far. There might be a few more additions eventually, though. It’s not like it’s hard to find assholes out of eight billion people on the planet.

James McGibney

A slightly more sophisticated skid loser than Krashed. Apparently this revenge porn website host managed to make some friends in high places. This is James McGibney.


Krashed is a skid loser and a psychopath. His real name is Richard Roby, and he has frequently run afoul of the law. He’s easily one of the biggest jackasses I’ve ever had the displeasure of coming across, but at least I know how to harden a system against useless skids. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve decided to host his FBI deposition here, because why not?

Krashed 1
Krashed 2
Krashed 3
Krashed 4
Krashed 5
Krashed 6
Krashed 7

If you’d like to see more of how awful he is, I recommend reading this blog.