I dunno what all you can say to describe a “Link” section, but I guess this is where I’ll tell you how to find other good things. I need to refresh this to include things I really enjoy, like Searx. Gotta put it on the TODO: list.

Link Description
Killer Curiosity This beautiful young lady is writing about true crime, and it’s awesome.
ModusMundi This motherfucker right here; This fuckin’ guy. He’s a cool dude. Read his stuff.
Planned Parenthood Dear God, we need them now more than ever.
Joe Larson Cool blog. Great tech info RE: GIS informatics
Armadillo Hive of FOSS information
ACPIA This is what we need.
FFRF Beat back the fucking evangelicals before they destroy the United States. Assholes.
Kidd of Speed Old website that hosts pictures of Chernobyl from before they opened up to the public.

I’ll add more if I find more. You can shoot me an email if I missed you somehow.