I’ve typed and erased the first line of this post a few times already. Sometimes the hardest part of having your own soapbox is not knowing what you want to say in the moment. I guess I don’t always have opinions that are actively trying to claw their way out of my brain. Sometimes my opinions are more than happy to exist without popping their heads up or making themselves known. I know it doesn’t look that way on the outset, but it’s true.

I do enjoy thrusting unpopular opinions into public debate, though. I guess that wouldn’t be the litmus by which I determine whether an opinion should be allowed to escape.

I think it’s time for me to grow as a person. I think I need to finish the Data Analyst certificate I started almost a year ago and I need to probably even pick up a part time remote gig doing it. At least at first. Though I honestly am not entirely certain what a part time remote gig even looks like. I’ve been doing this other career track for what feels like an eternity.

Ugh. Yet another nothingburger post. Well, whatever. Proof of life. I’m alive.

Writer’s block is real, and it sucks ass.