Okay, I wrote the last post, and I kind of regret it. I do have something to say, I was just hesitant to say it. Realistically, I have a lot to say right now, but I’m trying to be selective about it. But I also know that getting things off my chest feels pretty good, so I think I’m going to lean into that with this post.

My mother and my sister are apparently far right “anti-vaxx” goons. My sister has wanted to be a physical therapy assistant since she was small and had seen PT’s working with disabled children on TV commercials. “I want to do that!” she would say. Then COVID happened. My sister got some weird ideas stuck in her head from the inbred morons she was dating. She got into “mudding” and “pink camo”, so that tells you what sort of garbage she found herself dating. I guess the garbage rubbed off, because she refused to get vaccinated when the COVID vaccines finally hit. Now my sister has given up on this supposedly life-long dream in order to pursue a lower paying career that doesn’t have vaccine requirements.

I’m pretty certain you can find pictures of my ex wife kissing my niece on the mouth on Facebook as well.

But my sister has the nerve to text my wife about kissing my niece on the mouth. So it’s obviously driven by my sister being petty, which she learned from my mother I’m sure. I have no room for pettiness in my life, so much that the only person that’s seen how petty I can be would be my mother. I would serve my mother her own petty bullshit right back. My sister has of course just turned all that petty energy she’s been fed outwardly to the world at large.

But this is the kind of bullshit that keeps me from ever wanting anything to do with my mother or my sister. Neither can fucking communicate like an adult. Both get wildly defensive and no one is ever prepared to accept any blame or responsibility for clearly deteriorating situations. Both badly need therapy and have never gone.

My wife is the most beautiful soul I’ve ever had in my life. She’s supportive, she’s caring, she’s loving, and she’s incredibly intelligent. Yet my sister texts my wife this message about kissing my niece on the lips.

Don’t get me wrong, if my sister were genuine about this request and actually educated herself on disease she A) would be fucking vaccinated and B) I wouldn’t feel any certain way about it. I can respect a person’s wishes. I can’t respect this petty garbage. My wife is too good for these people, honestly. My sister and mother have basically adopted my ex wife, and my ex wife can keep them. They’re not worth having.

I’m sure you think I’m being too harsh right now. I get it. Had I not grown up in this environment I guess I would miss the red flags, too. But here’s a great story about how petty my mother is. So I expressed to my mother one day that the things she does hurt my feelings. In particular, my mother and I were supposed to have been on good terms. We would greet each other normally and I had been invited to family functions again, which my mother insists on being the gatekeeper for. So I told her that it hurts my feelings that she’ll go on family vacations with my ex wife and not me. I’ve not been invited to any family vacation in probably two decades, at least. But of course she immediately got defensive, then pissed, then she changed every family member’s phone number and did not notify me that they had changed. Yeah, real mature. Fucking child. Miserable little child, and you’re IN YOUR SIXTIES. I’m done, just absolutely done with her. No one should ever have to put up with that. I’m better than that. My ex can have my mom, my mother is awful, and if they get along so well I guess I understand why I was over that marriage real fast.