I am a tired person these days. It’s not a physical exhaustion so much. You know how society drives “respect your elders” and “you should always treat your parents respectfully because without them you wouldn’t exist”? Well, imagine for a moment that your parent is really unconcerned with your feelings. Taking it a step further, what if that parent had unreasonable expectations to boot? Now lets string this situation along for literal decades. Sprinkle in a mixture of supporting cast that alternates between “wow, that’s fucked up” and “why don’t you just apologize?”

There really aren’t any answers. There aren’t any “easy outs”. It’s not just something that can be ignored or handled or has any real solutions. It is very exhausting, though. It’s a condition I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.

But I digress. I’m on the way out of it. I’m not ignoring it anymore, I’m actively addressing it by maintaining my distance. It’s not my problem. I’m not paying the price for it. I’m out. Done. No thanks, no more.