The debate performance that has everyone up in arms really is just the beginning. Every corner of the internet that’s watching closely is screaming at the computer monitor or cell phone screen as fascism begins to creep up. Everything is going to hell in a handbasket, and all you have to do is lie to people about giving a shit. These dealers in misery, brokers of despair, they’re selling US citizens for pittances. People like Jason Miller who knocked a woman up and then poisoned her with plan B.

The sad thing is that Biden can’t win against these clowns. The reason he can’t is because he’s probably the worst public speaker I’ve ever heard. He’s not eloquent, he’s barely coherent, and even the teleprompter can’t save his stuttering ass. Biden is NOT who the people want, Biden is the “not Trump” candidate. Can “Not Trump” win two subsequent elections? Not a great strategy if you ask me, and the Democrats have every reason to be terrified that “Not Trump” may lose the presidency in November.

Here’s an idea, Democrats: Everyone in this country has to have a job, and honestly we all hate our jobs. 99% of us, really. We fucking hate working here. Working in the US is probably the worst thing a living human being might have to do. Now, why is that? Gosh, maybe it’s because Democrats and Republicans can absolutely agree on fucking over the working man in favor of supporting huge tax cuts for corporations. Maybe it’s because we have “right to work” states that undermine our careers. Perhaps we hate working in the US because THERE ARE NO LAWS MANDATING VACATION TIME LIKE THERE ARE IN THE REST OF THE DEVELOPED WORLD.

In short: Fuck you, Democrats. I already said my “fuck yous” to the Republicans long ago. But wholeheartedly: Fuck you, Dems. For real. You’re garbage, just about on par with Republicans, and you’re only trying to remain relevant by spearheading social causes for minorities. Hey, social awareness is great, but your blind spot is the majority that you’re actively fucking over, who is also guaranteed to give the next election to the only guy who can form a coherent sentence in a debate (albeit a sentence of complete lies).

So go ahead: leave Biden as the candidate. We’re all going to be watching in horror as Trump swears to abolish term limits in his inaugural speech.