Holy fucking shit. That’s really all I can say about the debate last night. Holy. Fucking. Shit. The Democrats are really banking on the whole “don’t vote Satan into the White House again” strategy, when I’m not entirely sure the left has that kind of endurance. In all reality, I don’t think anyone has that kind of endurance. It’s a huge ask for an entire population to maintain vigilance. An enormous ask. A large enough ask that makes me wonder what the hell kind of a strategy this is.

But Biden is absolutely not articulate. He’s not speaking to cheering crowds. He’s simply not anywhere near JFK. He has no charm, and as a result, Trump is essentially free to stoke his base unabated. That’s exactly what he did during the debates, especially since there really wasn’t any fact-checking going on. Trump just let fly with every dog whistle he could muster. No moderator really reigned the debate. Trump basically just unleashed all of his rhetoric and venom and Biden was nowhere near ready for it.

It almost feels like the deep state was involved, and they’re somehow responsible for crafting this situation.

I know it’s not true, but it just has that feeling.

Someone’s swaying public opinion in dark corners of the internet. Someone’s influencing populations with surgical precision and virulent conservative memes. The left is not so cunning. Slow attrition is the name of their game, and it’s all they have. It seems to make some diehards, but it’s not super effective for growth.

Man, Trump is going to abolish term limits. Just watch. Democracy will die.