Everyone’s more than accustomed to pride and black history months, but I think the puzzle piece few are paying attention to would be the amount of money dumped into those months by American corporations. While those months are reminders for everyone on the hardships endured by people classified as minority groups, they’re meant for being celebrated by the public at large. Corporations are not party to the public at large. They don’t represent us, our wishes, or our voices. They are parasites telling you you’re worth less than the spooge that made you. So if that’s true, why are corporations just such “good guys” and pouring so much money into these events?

Schadenfreude. They will celebrate minorities and struggles that do not involve the struggles associated with being an impoverished American. Why? Because corporations create impoverished Americans. It’s how they generate profit. Corporations don’t want to be perceived as evil, though. They hate that shit, because they feel like it gets in the way of things like “turning humans into commodities” and “sapping the will to live from the public at large”. I’m just so tired of seeing corporations publicly espouse any social or political stance, especially ones I might agree with, it feels as though their agreeing with me devalues my stance substantially. It cheapens my thoughts and opinions. It very nearly makes them feel invalid.

God fucking damn I hate lawyers.