It’s interesting to me how we continue to allow debate on already settled matters such as “your religion is not my ethical quandry” and “I don’t care how you feel about it, you’re not even involved”. If everyone understood these matters as settled, “hot topics” such as abortion would already be constitutionally protected.

Instead we suffer these absolute cunts of humans who try and govern us as if we were all members of the same church. No, that’s not reality, that’s not how it works. At some point I would like to unmask the masked asshole, to find the culprits behind this moronic “war of feelings”. I highly doubt it goes all the way to the Vatican. Not much does, to be honest. It’s all just a puppet show, publicly and behind the scenes. The real ne’er-do-wells are corporate in nature, striving to add to their golden parachutes. We all have a common enemy and he’s wearing a suit and talking about pleasing shareholders. It’s well past time we fired this douche. Eventually we need to fire them all. There are many problems in the world and firing them seems like the most fitting solution.

Lindsey Graham is still an insufferable piece of shit, by the way. Keep whining, Lin! Eventually someone will give a damn, right?