I’m feeling pretty indignant with the current political climate. It seems we’ve all relented and just accepted that “those who own the means and control the means” will never be held accountable for squeezing the working class dry.

So we get to see a pity party get thrown for “First Son” and “Crack Enthusiast” Hunter Biden by media pundits who honestly don’t deserve their soapboxes anymore. Wasn’t nepotism something they were critical of Trump for? The double standards on both sides reveal that both sides are not vastly dissimilar from one another. Both are just extremist silos that provide an utter vacuum for any sort of debate to exist in. So we get this deadlocked bullshit literally everywhere. No one can have anything they want. Everyone is walking on eggshells. It’s the most absurd bullshit I’ve ever seen.

To that, I say; Fuck everyone. Just absolutely fuck every single person contributing to this nonsense. You’re all terrible, whether your choice of soapbox is Twitter, Gab, Truth Social, Mastodon, or BlueSky. Each one is just a shitty silo where people feel out which environment is most conducive to their existing bias and then continue echoing more bias at each other in a social media circle jerk.

It’s really just garbage at this point, because it creates unrealistic expectations of public social interaction. God, our species is so fucked. We’re just fucked. God damn.