I really am so tired. I’m at an interesting junction of my career. I have developed a tool that extends a piece of software’s functionality into protecting intellectual property, but the company I work for who develops the main software package introduced a feature-breaking bug that eliminates the capabilities of my software. It also eliminates a lot of functionality of the software in general, though it’s apparent that there aren’t a lot of “power users” complaining.

Good thing I live in the United States, where 99% of your existence is validated by your utility to the capitalism machine. Too much sarcasm? Not enough? I can never tell with this thing, since there’s no feedback. I have a comment system! Nobody seems to care, though.

It’s helpful that my company loves nerds. Something like 90% of the people employed adjacent to myself are just straight up fucking nerds. Not unapproachable nerds, but nerds that’ll sit and talk with you about all sorts of crap from fourier transforms to interrupt requests and back again.

Look at that, my six-hundredth “keeping you updated” post that completely lacks anything technical! AWESOME! /s