It’s wild to me how so many of the 99% of people in the bottom rungs of capitalism actually play the game in good faith. They don’t lie, they don’t cheat, they don’t steal. All while the 1% at the top are essentially doing nothing other than lie, cheat, and steal. They deceive. They control. Most importantly, while they do all this, they line government pockets with their loose change in exchange for a status above everyone else. If there were checks and balances in place, which the government is supposed to be party to, then there would be some actual equity in the world. Is it likely we’ll see that in our lifetimes? Of course not. Not a snowball’s chance in Hell, honestly. I promise you there’s no hope for our species. None. Not a single fucking drop of hope for our species in general. Now, can individuals make slight differences in the lives of other individuals? Sure, but that’s literally just a fart in a hurricane. A drop of relief in an ocean of pain. Humanity fucking sucks. Capitalism is garbage. Communism would be great if humanity didn’t fucking suck.

The funniest part about all this is MAGA’s insistence that “Communism is a failed idea” when their shitty God was a fucking communist. Fuck MAGA.