I will never give you money for Youtube Premium. The reason is simple: Giving you money only prevents me from seeing ads, it doesn’t prevent you from selling my data. I shouldn’t have to pay you to not sell my data. Since I can’t pay you to not sell my data and I can’t do anything except protect myself with ad blockers, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. If you make it impossible to watch videos with an ad blocker, I’m just going to switch to a different service; exactly like everyone else will. So, fuck you Google and Youtube; I will never give you money for an “ad free” experience.

You are cancer. I hope you file bankruptcy.

Adblock for Youtube [github]
uBlock Origin [github]

Included the github links for when Google goes full nazi and removes the extensions from the store.

Also, how do we destroy Manifest V3? Really want to tank that effort.