It’s wild to me how people can support Donald Trump in any way. I’ve witnessed firsthand the “Rock Star Effect” where people are just overcome by meeting famous or popular individuals. I suspect that’s largely what we’re looking at with these MAGA loons. They’re absolutely beside themselves that a billionaire would reach down from on high to glorify their values and their traditions amidst an economy that is suddenly disproportionately favoring “dual-income, no kids” households.

That’s really the source of all the grief these days, isn’t it? We have traditionalist loons out there screaming about how they’re shouldering the burden of society by remaining traditionalist and trying to build “one provider” nuclear homes that honestly are far less tenable now than they were seventy years ago. I guess the irony of their preposition is that it’s “better” for the economy. They espouse this garbage while simultaneously propping up institutions that serve only to make them poorer. Essentially, if you connect the dots, you find MAGA turds supporting businesses that aim to pilfer as much as possible from these goons.

Now, of course you see the exact same bullshit on the left. You see corporations touting how inclusive they are whilst shilling to whomever is loudest. How quickly they renounce their newfound support once a few religious nutjobs pipe up. Like Target. 100% “all-in” on pride month, except in areas where business isn’t conducive to that. So the left and the right both have commercial leeches. It’s quite unfortunate.

If you were to ask me how much trust I have in corporations to do “the right thing”, I would point to Dupont, Enron, Purdue Pharma, Phillip Morris, etc. I don’t care how many corporations have conducted themselves ethically, I care about the ones that haven’t, and I care about the complete lack of repercussions when they don’t.

I dunno. I’m just losing my mind, I guess.