Google’s AI is broken because people prioritized bypassing Google’s trash-ass algorithm by specifically searching for reddit results. Well, that’s the current working theory, at least. The result is honestly hilarious. These rich assholes want us to think that anything they do is for us, when really everything they do is to line their pockets. It has fuck all to do with “us”, except that we’re the ones expected to line up and throw our money into the machine. Either our money or our time and labor. It’s asinine, really. Fuck these people. I don’t give a shit about what they’ve invented, their god awful advertising bullshit, or their personal data tracking garbage. Fuck them completely. Fuck Silicon Valley. Fuck Google, Microsoft. Fuck Apple too, really. Apple outwardly says they respect privacy, but everyone knows they’re just as bad as every other company.

I hope a fucking solar flare hits the Earth and disables every electric grid for a year. Fuck the whole ass economy. It favors only one class of person, and that’s the people who own the means for production. Fuck those people, they don’t care about us, I hope they lose everything they have.