Man, lots of wild stuff has happened since we’ve last had this one-sided conversation. Sean Combs is under fire for video of him beating the shit out of his girlfriend going viral. I mean, of course it went viral, it’s horrendous. Whether he learned his lesson or not barely matters. The public is absolutely horrified by the footage, as well they should be. Trump is getting reamed for all the criminal bullshit he’s been up to pre-presidency as well as post. Fuck that bloated whore, selling himself for popularity and status. What a piece of shit.

Work is always more of the same. I do the thing, I make the machine dance. I get a cookie. Rinse and repeat. Thanks, capitalist overlords! I am so grateful you deigned to give me some level of comfort for my 700% productivity since 1971.

There were things I was annoyed about and opinions I wanted badly to express, but I guess my conviction wasn’t that strong, because now that I’m at my computer typing I’m coming up short. I dunno. Well, maybe I’ll write another post this weekend. I need to just flush my brain like a toilet at this point. Too much cruft and buildup.