An improperly maintained machine can manifest some odd symptoms. Weird noises from grinding. Leaks of various fluids from lubricants to coolants and possibly anything in between, depending on the machine. Steel shavings are never something you want to see in an oil pan.

I feel like there are steel shavings in my oil pan. I’m just running on empty. I’m tired. I haven’t done anything substantial in my hobbies of choice. I’ve wasted time sitting on IRC in front of my computer, at a terminal that I’ve not messed with in several eternities. I haven’t spun up any services, I just keep going the handful of services I’ve configured.

I want to get a 3D printer to give me something to do outside of sitting at my desk, at the office. I think I just need a hobby to “clear the steel shavings out”. I dunno. Something. I’m just so completely bored. Another episode of “Love Island” might kill me.