I’ve been a PNC Bank customer on and off for two decades now. More recently I’ve relied upon them to handle my day to day because they purchased the best bank I’ve ever used; Simple. Well, that’s not entirely correct. Simple was purchased by another bank, which PNC Bank swooped in to purchase in a larger acquisition. So I’ve been pissed off at PNC for a long time, because I fucking loved Simple. They provided superior customer service, superior online access, superior banking experience, and I recommended them to everyone.

It seems like PNC couldn’t offer a better experience, so they simply bought and disassembled the company. Twice. I’m still pretty pissed about it, especially with the absolute garbage service I receive from PNC.

First and foremost, PNC gloats that they can print you a new debit card instantly. Ironically, the plastic they’re printing is trash. The “tap to pay” RFID chip has never worked on any of the debit cards I’ve carried. The security chip is always the first part of the debit card to fail, so you’re always praying that after three failures the reader will allow you to swipe instead of read the chip.

Finally, PNC takes LITERAL DAYS to process transactions and show you what you actually have in the bank. So if you aren’t keeping a balance sheet and a check book, you honestly have no idea what is actually in your account versus pending holds and whatnot. It’s the fucking digital era. Why do I need to keep a goddamn balance sheet to know what’s in my account? Are you fucking serious?

The mobile app has only worked like two days this week. It’s absurd. I never had these issues with Simple or Chase, two other banks I’ve utilized in the past. I’m guessing that PNC is suffering from excess withdrawals outrunning deposits. But that’s pure conjecture based on news headlines I’ve seen.

I’m still just so pissed. Fuck PNC in every way. Worst bank ever.