I’m honestly grossly dissatisfied with the way things are. As it stands, I currently make heaps of money for people “above me” in status. I personally see a small fraction of the fruits of my labor in profit. I could give a shit less about the rich assholes in charge, and if I had my way, I’d reap the entirety of the fruits of my labor.

I hear a lot about how this “land of opportunity” is just waiting to be seized by anyone entrepreneurial enough to grab hold of it. These assholes who say shit like this clearly haven’t felt the full force of someone wealthier than them levying the legal system against them. The reality is that the United States is geared to protecting elite dynasties, just like any other shitty system, even communism.

Capitalism is just as much bullshit as communism. I can game either if given the opportunity. It makes no difference to me. Both are garbage. Both have cults surrounding them. Both of have been weaponized against humanity.

What could I even do about this to fight back? Take a job as a janitor to ensure that my labor isn’t making someone millions of dollars? That’d be selling myself really short of what I’m capable of, doesn’t seem to fix anything.

I guess I’m stuck waiting for inheritance to be taxed. But even then, billionaires are the ones paying legislators to make laws, and those legislators will always protect the interests of their donors. More realistically I’m just waiting for someone to start knocking off billionaires one by one, like some sort of hero assassin.

Whatever. It’s all bullshit and I’m tired of it.