I think I’m going to write about something at least tech related, soon. I know I’ve probably said that about a million times at this point, but I think I might be kind of serious. I’m considering maybe learning NixOS or ProxMox or something interesting and new, and then documenting things I can’t just easily “google” and putting the information up here so that it’s still available. I like to do that, to fill in gaps of knowledge wherever possible, but it’s not always possible. Things are better documented now than they ever have been. You’re rarely if ever left in the dark with damn near any product, whether it’s FOSS and has no warrant, or if it’s proprietary and backed by customer support.

The problem is that I don’t usually have the time to do it. I’m almost always too damn busy.

I think maybe either later today or tomorrow I might document using Visual Studio Code with ssh-agent to connect to a pubkey-authenticated server using a password protected private key.

Depends, though. I have to travel for work this week, and these weeks are usually weeks where I’m not super motivated to do anything except sit at a brewery and drink. We’ll see, I guess.