The news cycle has been wild lately. I guess the biggest recent takeaway is that Chabad Jews are fucking weird. Like really weird. I guess the weirdness of the story has far right pundits going mad. Like they’re foaming at the mouth about this mattress and high chair found in the “illegal tunnel”. Man, I don’t know. It’s not weird to find garbage laying around random places and it easily could’ve just been shit drug in by a homeless person. You never know. But this recent weird story has absolutely lit the internet with wild speculation in all directions, and the Jewish Defense League putting in overtime hours to try and combat the insane narratives coming out of this already insane story about hasidic jews.

The truth is that there’s no evidence of any “Satanic” goings on regarding these illicit tunnels. In all reality there were definitely fucked up intentions at play with these lunatic tunnels, but they had nothing to do with actual Satanism. The whole “Satanic” line comes from lunatic Christians who say that Jews “worship Satan” due to their non-acceptance of Christ. Christians are fucking lunatics. Like 90% of them, easily.

Still though, I’m incredibly curious about why these hasidic jews desecrated a hasidic institution. Apparently there are quotes floating around about “Changing the next millennia of Jewry” and whatnot. It’s honestly a little fascinating what exactly is supposed to be going on that’s reforming this religion.

Also, Q-tards can fuck right off. You people are mentally deficient. You’re literally retarded.