Am I the only one nervous about this coming November? There are tens of millions of brainwashed cult members actively advocating for the suspension of western democracy in hopes of installing their demagogue either by slander campaigns or likely just more seditious activity. Worse yet it seems like the intelligence community is “on the fence” as far as preventing this bullshit from taking place. They’re not doing anything about it. I know they’re not doing anything about it because they literally have the keys to the kingdom. They have blackmail material on every politician and they’re keeping their best Trump material under wraps.

Trump truly is a demagogue in the deepest sense of the word. The people he appeals most to are not rational groups. They’re Y’all-Qaeda, the poor evangelical rednecks who vote against their own best interest because that’s what their pastor told them to do. They’re the worst of the worst. Honestly, I’m related to people like this, mostly on my dad’s side of the family. I’m very familiar with this fuckery. These people lead the way in teenage pregnancy and cry about abortion. They lead the way in poverty and cry that education is “liberal propaganda”. They don’t believe we landed on the moon and scream about “fake news media”. They scream about prayer in schools and are the least likely to follow the actual path of Jesus. They’re hypocrites. They’re stupid. They’re problematic for the advancement of society. Ironically they also feel like they’re the life-preservers of society. The “last stand” of Reagan’s generation. Stupid. Just so goddamn stupid.

I take every opportunity I can to point out that I am fully allowed to criticize Biden. I can say he sucks. I can say he’s ineffective. I can say whatever I want, because I’m not in a cult. Can Trumpers do that? Can they disagree with dear leader about anything? Sure doesn’t seem like they have much intellectual freedom. Gosh, it’s almost like they’re in a cult!