I just survived a rather gross viral incident that caused my sinus cavity to generate mucous like a torrential downpour. I was coughing up large green chunks by tens of milliliters every day for a solid week, and the stuff coming out of my nose wasn’t any sort of picnic either. It spread through the whole house from person to person for the last month or so. It’s been a pretty disgusting event, really, involving a lot of booger rags.

Well, that thankfully seems to be mostly over. We have one person down now instead of half the house and they’re on the mend.

I also recently completed a twenty one day tolerance break. I’m back to being a cheap date. It’s nice, though, because high THC tolerance is really expensive. I’m glad I’ve managed to re-sensitize myself.

I’ve noticed that I’ve used writing therapeutically for so long that I can struggle to put words behind good things in my life. I feel like it gives my writing an intensely disproportionate portrayal of negativity. The reality is that I have some incredible people in my life. I love my kids. My kids are awesome. My wife is my best friend and my lover, my world. I have awesome friends. My life is nowhere near being empty or devoid of meaning.

It can be just as therapeutic to lend words to the positive things in life, but I’ve always focused on expressing the negative so that I can process it. I guess I’ve missed the mark when it comes to processing the good. Well, I think I’ve run out of steam on this one. This is it. Hopefully I’ll come back swinging with one of those “unicorn” tech blog posts. Not sure about when, though. Hah.