“Rather than vindicating our constitutional framework, the defendant’s sweeping immunity claim threatens to license presidents to commit crimes to remain in office. The founders did not intend and would never have countenanced such a result.”

This is exactly true. By enabling a Cult of Personality around Trump, his followers are enticing him to become the next Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, or Kim Jong Un. This is a horrifying precedent that they’re trying to set that was clearly predicted by Margaret Atwood in her novel “Handmaid’s Tale”. I’m pretty sure Trump himself doesn’t give a shit about wholly eroding western democracy, but do you? Are you in a cult? Do you support democracy? Can you look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you really believe Trump was robbed of reelection?

If so, you need a mental evaluation. Trump will not win in 2024, and if he’s installed as a leader it won’t be democratically.