I can’t wait for the four day weekend. I really need some time to de-stress and just relax a bit. Things have been pretty crazy lately. My wife and I, we’ve been pretty busy. It seems like we’re going to have to give ourselves a time out here shortly. I think the four day weekend will be a decent time out for me.

Man, I really have fallen off on writing. I go through periods where I can find neither the motivation nor the inspiration to write. It always seems like such an insurmountable wall whenever that happens. I can never quite break through. I just typically have to wait it out.

Well, I guess this is just going to be another short one. Whatever. It really is true, though. I use writing as a coping mechanism, and when things go smoothly I find my ability to write has fallen off completely. I’m sure something will come along at some point and give me “inspiration”. Hah.