No one gets unlimited license to hurt your feelings and then tell you that you’re wrong for having them. Especially not when it’s blatantly obvious and is directly observed by many close people. I reserve the right to remove myself from those situations. No one should ever feel as though they have to continually subject themselves to that gaslighting bullshit. No one should ever have to constantly feel like they’re walking on eggshells, just waiting for the other shoe to drop yet again because you’re as predictable as a fucking clock. That’s not okay. So I’m not wasting my time any longer. I’m removing myself from the equation, because I cannot and should not be expected to continue to take it. I deserve better, but I sure as shit don’t get better, because I’m stuck with the least you’re willing to do- which is essentially nothing. I’ve tried to change myself and my life for the better, making better decisions and owning my mistakes in life. The first step to not repeating mistakes forever is to acknowledge that you make them. I guess that’s why we end up here every goddamn time.

Shit. I mean, jesus fucking christ. Who else goes through this shit? Seriously.