I need to purge my entire life of Google. I sorely need this. The immediacy of this need is absurd. I really despise the entire economy surrounding the internet at large. It’s disgusting. At some point we’re going to come to a revelation that these “services” offered by data brokers are incredibly immoral and unethical. Someone’s going to die eventually. Just wait and see. All it’s going to take is one abusive husband who wants absolute control to buy information from a data broker in order to find the wife trying to run away from him. It’s only a hypothetical now because it hasn’t been done yet, but it’s in the works. Just watch.

I want to encourage everyone to boycott the fuck out of Google. Everything about them, every service, even search. Use DuckDuckGo or literally anything else. Don’t use Chrome, it’s garbage anyways. Don’t use Chrome OS. Don’t engage these fuckers and don’t buy storage from them. Don’t use their email service. There are so many alternatives.

Anyways, I guess that’s my primary soap box for the day. Later, fuckers.