On the front end not much has changed about this blog. On the back end I’ve made a few tweaks. More than a few tweaks. The heavy lifting is done by Hugo, Git, VSCode, Vim, and Make. I love learning new shit and implementing it to make things easier. It’s super goddamn useful, and honestly I’m loving writing Makefiles to do things automatically rather than bash scripts. It feels cleaner. It might not be any different other than feeling cleaner, but it’s also an extra thing to learn.

It’s wild to me to watch society do pointless things and then get angry when people call out that the things happening are pointless. I kinda love it. I love the chaos and confusion that comes from it. I love making fun of it.

Pop culture has always been bad. It’s never been good. It’s whatever, though, I’m not the “like” police. You’re free to like garbage things, same as I am. But I won’t lie to you about the garbage I like. I know it for what it is. Do you?