Amazon wants to charge a subscription fee for Alexa eventually

This story totally makes sense to me. After all, who wouldn’t pay to have a third party feed the government their private lives on a regular basis? I mean, it sounds like an awesome way to cement 1984 as the defacto standard. Fucking morons. Don’t even get me started on how fucking stupid these systems are. You ask these things for the weather and you end up getting a fucking rotten tomatoes score for the movie “The Weather Man”. Amazon is bad at these systems. Google is bad at them. Apple’s Siri is a pile of shit. None of these voice assistants have ever proved useful, and honestly when it comes to a home automation setup, they’re easily the weakest link.

Few striking autoworkers show up for Trump’s speech at a nonunion factory

So this is clearly propaganda. There’s a large crowd of idiots “hootin’ and hollerin’ fer TRAWMP!” Yeah, I’m sure a billionaire is totally going to be able to relate his birth lottery situation to the plight of the everyman. Because winning the birth lottery totally doesn’t do fucked up shit to your self esteem or sense of worth in the world. I mean, just look at child stars, they’re the happiest and healthiest people on this planet, right? HAH.

Get fucked. 100% get fucked.

Senate panel advances weed bill in historic step

I’m conflicted on this. I feel as though the banking issue is less problematic than the DEA scheduling. I think they should’ve pushed to get it unscheduled before pushing for the banking. I guess you can make the argument that raising the profits will lead to federal legality, and it’s a good point I guess. It also exposes the gross nature of our pay-to-play democracy.

Security researcher warns of chilling effect after feds search phone at airport

This is disgusting. We need to knock the government down a few pegs, they’re getting really fucking high and mighty. It’s well past time they feared us again. They’re bankrolling lobbyist dollars by the billion and are all retiring to board rooms. These fuckers need some humble pie.

Fusion Experiments Shatter Previous Energy Records

So this one does make me wonder quite a bit. If fusion energy generation is realized, who will it benefit? The human race on the whole? Everyone on the planet? If every previous invention or discovery were any indicator for how it’ll go, then clearly fusion will only benefit billionaires. I don’t even see a fucking point in investigating it until we’ve purged the planet of billionaires violently. Fuck these goddamned assholes, seriously. I’m so sick of this shit. This is why we can’t have nice things. Jesus. Fucking. Christ.