Man, watching this Armie Hammer shit is pretty telling. Armie Hammer seems to have some combination of sociopathy and narcissistic personality disorder. It’s wild.

Work has been pretty demanding lately. It seems like the all-consuming and eternal Sisyphean shit-show that taints every molecule of my being with sadness and longing for a better world.

Billionaires and the ultra-wealthy see us as cattle. We are not their peers as they would have us believe in media and propaganda that they spout. We’re basically a commodity. They’re using us as resources either to make more money for themselves or for their own sick pleasure. Especially these familial dynasties involving generational wealth, they’re the worst offenders. I think we should just murder all the billionaires and distribute their wealth, honestly. It’s long overdue, if you think about it. The French and Russian revolutions were quite some time ago. I think it’s time to buy a few billionaire tags.

Armie Hammer is a psychotic cannibal wannabe.