Read this moronic bullshit first.

Archive, just in case.

Okay. Lets start taking this fucking moron apart, shall we?

If done right, the trick would help ensure that Rotten Tomatoes logged positive reviews but not negative ones.

First of all, why are you so fucking hell-bent on imparting your own personal bias on a content aggregation site? Are you mentally handicapped, Lane Brown? Do you have an issue with the “tyranny of the masses”? If so you should say you have an issue there, and not with a pretty basic website.

The Tomatometer may be the most important metric in entertainment, yet it’s also erratic, reductive, and easily hacked.

Oh look, the idiot journalist had a moment of realization. BECAUSE IT’S JUST AN AGGREGATOR, YOU ABSOLUTE MORON.

This is probably because Rotten Tomatoes — with help from Yelp, Goodreads, and countless other review aggregators — has desensitized us to the opinions of individual critics.

Actually, most of us look at the pairing of scores aggregated from both critics and the audience. 99% of critics are shitty hacks like Lane Brown, so you really have to look at both scores to get an idea of whether a film might be worth watching or not.

But despite Rotten Tomatoes’ reputed importance, it’s worth a reminder: Its math stinks. Scores are calculated by classifying each review as either positive or negative and then dividing the number of positives by the total. That’s the whole formula. Every review carries the same weight whether it runs in a major newspaper or a Substack with a dozen subscribers.

I can see why Lane Brown is a journalist and not an academic. Are you fucking serious with stupid shit like this? I bet that, before I even finish your garbage article, you’re going to reverse course a few times.

Quantumania had the best opening weekend of any movie in the Ant-Man series, at $106 million. In its second weekend, with its rottenness more firmly established, the film’s grosses slid 69 percent, the steepest drop-off in Marvel history.

Gosh, but I saw it and it actually wasn’t a great film. In fact, most of the time I will look at the RT score of a movie and about 99% of the time I can absolutely see why the film has the score that it does.

Man, and then this asshat goes on to describe how people game systems on both sides, which- duh. I just can’t with these morons anymore. It’s like having an opinion is their only claim to fame. Good job, you have an anus, like everyone else.