Just because I don’t appreciate the miseries introduced to the world by the Christian faith, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the artistry that has accompanied it’s multi-millennial existence. That said, I’m re-watching “Mother!” for the fiftieth time, because it really is a piece of art in film. Right at the beginning you start in strange territory, with the wife being battered and consumed by flame, then extinguished. Saved, somehow, miraculously. You see the husband put a giant gem on a stand and the charred house seemingly comes alive again. The way the story plays out goes from subtle to over the top, eventually ending with cannibalism of an infant. It’s symbolism, sure, but it’s portraying real infant cannibalism.

It really is the most beautiful way to tell the story of humanity through the lens of Christianity.

The themes are excellent. You can see the wife feeling neglected and almost as though she’s an afterthought through the entire film. Truly, the Earth has always been an afterthought to humanity, despite how indelibly important it is to us. Even if we are a space-faring people one day, Earth will always be the part of the universe we come from.

I was going to delete this post. It wouldn’t be an issue, normally, but only if it doesn’t become too normal. It has absolutely become very normal. I never used to have an issue just throwing words into the ether. I don’t know why I start writing something and then quickly just burn out on whatever I’m writing about, then feel compelled to either just give up writing something entirely or go in a totally different direction. It’s driving me insane now, though.

I’m at a crossroads where I don’t feel fulfilled attempting to do things and I don’t feel fulfilled just laying around. It’s a weird place to be, for sure. I used to love dicking around with arduino, raspberry pi, linux, FreeBSD. I would just remote in and poke around all of these systems, set up servers, make my hardware work for me. Now I have everything set up and I’m just in “caretaker” mode keeping it running, installing updates as needed. Occasionally making sure they’re not getting pwnt. Just being a caretaker for an already established system that’s been running for years.

I need another raspberry pi, I think. Maybe another one will give me an excuse to screw around more, I dunno. Maybe. At least for a while, like the second one did.