It’s the wildest thing to be watching. Wild claims coming out of South Korea about room temperature superconductors popping up out of nowhere. Apparently we’re edging ever closer to breakthroughs in Quantum Computing as well as goddamn nuclear fusion. There are wild new technologies being developed for space travel and all sorts of wildly exciting things on the horizon. We could be on the verge of becoming a Type One civilization.

I used to read Bradbury and Asimov as a kid. I’d read 1984 and all sorts of futuristic novels of science fiction adventures in other dimensions, other galaxies, other worlds. Sometimes civilizations would be idyllic, utopian. Other times they’d have technology beyond all comprehension and still not have solved basic human problems. It’s bittersweet, always. On one hand, none are written as actual utopias. The notion of a utopia can’t be introduced in novels, it prevents the reader from connecting with the material. You can’t suspend disbelief for something as possible as a perfect society. We’re so disconnected from positive societal notions that any attempt to describe a “perfect” version of any human society falls apart in the mind of every reader. Sure, one can force the point and imagine if free will were no implication and what might happen in an actually perfect society from design. But it wouldn’t represent a free society that still enjoys full free will.

I think I need a nap. I’m exhausted.