It has easily been something like two decades since I’ve been to the Renaissance Festival. I’m excited, but my excitement is also tempered by the reality that I was far easier to impress twenty years ago. However, the absolute redemption I’m expecting from this is that you can get a giant ass turkey leg and a beer. I think that should be a decent enough trade-off for middle-aged me versus myself two decades ago. I think the Renaissance Festival should hold up quite well in that regard.

I fully have no intention of buying anything. I know their biggest gimmick is hocking “old timey” shit from booths and tents at a 1,000% markup. They can suck my ass in that regard. I’m not making any dumb fucking candle or any of that shit. The guys who are going with us intend to take shrooms while we’re there, but man, I dunno about all that. It seems to me like you might be susceptible to believing you’ve accidentally walked into a time warp. The suggestibility of a person on psilocybin may be higher than it should be for a venue such as this festival. I’m thinking it’s a mistake, in all honesty. We shall see.

Lately I’ve taken to using some purpose-driven software. I’ve been using tools crafted by a software engineer that were recommended by the venerable suckless team. The irc client catgirl has some pretty awesome features and zero bloat. Highly recommend checking it out. The bouncer looks pretty promising as well, like a leaner and more intelligent version of ZNC. Overall, though, 10/10. Would recommend. Check out catgirl and run that shit.