If you haven’t watched it yet, absolutely go check out the Netflix series about the “Amber Heard / Johnny Depp” trial. It’s wild to see everything that came out in that trial, and Amber Heard’s ridiculous attempts to cry on demand in front of the court. I also felt really bad hearing audio of Depp himself admit that he was abused. I’m only two episodes in, but I think the third episode (my prediction before actually seeing it) will highlight Heard’s borderline personality diagnosis, which is probably the point that the wheels absolutely fell off the trial. Man, that audio, though. It resonated with experiences I’ve had, it really did. That way she tried to bait him into meeting her violence with violence and him just brokenly responding with what little he had left. Man, I bet Depp never gets with another borderline ever again.

Still though, there’s something soothing about reading about others going through similar experiences to what I’ve had in life.