I was going to write something here. I really was. I think I had something in mind to dump here. It’s long gone, though. I can’t dig it up quite yet. Whatever it was, hopefully it wasn’t important. I can’t fathom it might’ve been. I don’t think so, anyways. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I expect to solve the “Wireguard Peer Networks Matching” problem. So, there’s an issue with the ip addressing scheme on my home network. It’s a private class C subnetted ip address scheme. Your standard It’s not normally an issue when I’m out and about because a lot of public network access points are using the far more generous class A private network ip scheme. Sometimes it’ll be class B, but it’s rarer. Almost always some flavor of Class A. But I think the solution to my problem lies in turning my home network into a class A private network. I think that’ll solve my issue largely, so long as I subnet it cleverly enough. So I think that’s the next thing I’ll work on. This is gonna get interesting.