I have so many opinions on so many things, but mostly I don’t really care about opinions. I guess that’s why I just so freely throw them out into the open; they don’t have any intrinsic value. A secret can have a high intrinsic value depending on what it involves. Just look at Ed Snowden and Julian Assange. They know all too well the value of secrets. Especially secrets of powerful nation states.

Opinions are really just atoms of feeling attached to information. Sometimes that information is fact, sometimes it’s a notion not based in fact. Feelings attached to notions are really and truly valueless. Basically any opinion informed by religion, for instance, can be readily discarded for lacking value. That said, why not spread the fool’s gold when it’s so easy to do? But you have to keep people interested. You can’t only offer garbage all the time without dispensing occasional nuggets of gold. The shitposter’s dilemma. Hah.

I’m just being stoned and enjoying my vacation. It’s quite nice. We’re staying at this excellent AirBNB that sleeps thirteen and rests beside a lake. We just jump into the water whenever we feel like it. It’s awesome. We also have a boat reserved for two days during this vacation. The house has a dock we can moor to. So we’ll have a boat to hop into whenever we want to check out the rest of the lake. I think this is set to be the best trip up north yet. It’s already been pretty crazy. I don’t think I’m going to drink as much the rest of the time, at least not until we get our boat.

Maybe I’ll post some pictures. We shall see.