Okay, I need to get this out of my system. It’s an incredibly irritating pet peeve of mine when people connect to an IRC server, join a channel, and then expose to everyone in channel openly the fact that this is their very first time using this protocol by saying “I GUESS NO ONE’S ON RIGHT NOW” and just rage quitting.

Bro. What. The. Fuck. Do you not realize that IRC is #IdleRPG? Fucking seriously. It drives me nuts. Like this little gem:

13:56 <kataliyst> ugh  
14:00 <kataliyst> all right, well i don't know why the site says to come here to ask about these things - looks like there's no support  
14:03 <-- kataliyst ([email protected]) has quit (Quit: Client closed)  
14:06 <redlegion> yeesh, kind of a jab there at the end  
14:12 <rob0> entitled people are entitled.  

Jesus. Fucking. Christ. Really? The question is also a question that gets lobbed at that channel all the fucking time by people who don’t do any research. Yes, there are DNS leaks in Windows, no matter what VPN you use. Yes, it’s a problem. No, no one has solved it, because the ball is in Microsoft’s court- and guess what? They don’t fucking care. They don’t give two flying shits, which is why it’s still unfixed.

Just god fucking damn, man.