Have you ever felt like a “post turtle” before? Like someone put you on a post way up high and have no idea what you’re doing there or how you even got there? Man, that feels like me damn near every day at my job. It really sucks a lot sometimes, but my god, lately it feels like it more now than ever. I think it’s because I’m venturing into stuff I really don’t have any experience in. I’m diving into the pseudo-realm of “kind-of-gaging”. It’s really awkward for me because I’ve actually had a decent part in a few large gaging projects prior to this, but it just really doesn’t even feel relevant when compared to what I’m doing right now.

I dunno. I feel a good bit intimidated with this venture outside of my comfort zone. It’s really kinda rough.

I think I had a whole interesting post planned out originally, and I’m honestly not sure what happened to that thought. I guess it kinda just died.