I haven’t used traditional social media in a very long time. Instead I’ve been entertaining myself with both old-school internet relay chat and very new nostr. It’s an interesting culture that has been attracted to it. I don’t need to agree with everyone’s politics or beliefs no matter where I play, but apparently on nostr it truly doesn’t matter. The only recourse the nostr network has is for any individual who doesn’t like you to use their big fat block button. Just as God intended. No massive network-wide user eliminations like on Mastodon. The relays don’t apparently communicate with one another, but you can use many relays at once. My preferred client comes pre-loaded with 19. If one of them doesn’t like me, then so be it, I’m still on 18 others. If I really want to (and I do, actually) I could just run my own relay. Which I will be doing eventually.

Grab yourself a decent nostr client from the list and then follow me here.