Well, it’s long past time I finally dove into it and learned myself some proper Linux server administration basics. I’ve been on the struggle bus when it comes to keeping my two Raspberry Pi 4’s in operating condition. I forgot how long it took me to do a manual install of Nextcloud without relying on either Snap or Docker. I’m pretty sure it took me something like two weeks to iron it out, and a month to tweak all of the necessary settings to make the installation happy with the machine it’s on.

I need to learn two things, I think. I need to learn Docker for sure. It seems to be everywhere. I also want to learn Kubernetes. I think I need to put together a small home server and just start learning this stuff. It would benefit me tremendously personally, because it’s so incredibly helpful to have a home server.

In any case, I guess that’s my rant for the moment. I do plan on doing a better write-up on the xattr quarantine thing, though. That’s highly useful info that should be readily available for the internet.