I don’t care who you are, Black Mirror has an episode that’ll pique your interest. It’s an awesome series, though maybe a little depressing for some. I love the twists and turns, and I really love how technology is the “monkey’s paw” in nearly every story. It’s an awesome series, for sure. The latest season has definitely taken a hard left from the tried and true formula, though. It’s not that I’m disappointed, but I can definitely say that Black Mirror Season Six doesn’t feel like Black Mirror. It feels more like Twilight Zone than Black Mirror, and a part of that is because the latest season seems to have dodged the whole notion of a “Monkey’s Paw”. There are none this go round. In fact, it’s just straight up horror, and there isn’t a technological bent. I can’t exactly go into it without spoilers, but we’re talking classical monsters at this point, rather than the manmade ones.

It’s cool, though. I love classical horror, too. I won’t lie, though, I’m a bit disappointed that the premise has been abandoned. It makes me hope for a season seven, and that season seven either picks up a new trick or continues the old ones, rather than whatever season six is shooting for.

The first episode of season six still has the theme song stitched into it, even though that theme song has nothing to do with the theme of the episode. It’s an interesting callback for a story that doesn’t call back to anything previously established. I guess I’m not sure if they’re out of ideas or if they’re trying something new. The stories are good, though. They’re not the worst stories I’ve seen as far as horror goes. They’re decent enough. They’re incredibly well acted. In at least one episode it appears that they’re going for an “alternate past” sort of vibe. “Beyond the Sea” seems to tell a tale in an alternate reality space race around the sixties, and it’s the one episode that feels somewhat close to the vibe of season’s one through five. I think “Loch Henry” is the only episode that has a sort of harsh “Monkey’s Paw” sort of closure at the end, though it doesn’t necessarily involve futuristic technology. It’s more of a “what would Black Mirror look like in the 80’s” sort of episode.

I have to say, though, “Demon79” is starting to touch on the social commentary that they’ve sprinkled into previous seasons. “It’s him or no one.” Love it. What a way to end it.