I’ve read and watched a ton of content on movements like “Quiverfull” and “IBLP” and the rest of the lunatic factories that exist that tend to lean into raising incredibly sheltered children that aren’t at all aware of the enormous world around them. It’s absolutely disgusting and ridiculous to harm children so much by brainwashing them into buying this garbage “Jesus” shit and just ignore the real world around them that doesn’t fit into this narrow and moronic worldview.

That’s one of the things I hate the most about the US. We have literal fucking death cults making enormous worldwide government policy for a country that is supposed to be leading the charge in global progress, but instead we’re representing repression and idiocy. It’s awful. I want this cult bullshit gone, to be honest. It’s time to tax churches. It’s beyond time. We need to have been taxing churches for the last one hundred years to have fixed all the fuckery these lunatics are causing.