I’ve given up the notion of running a proper blog and have supplanted that idea with a blog, one mainly existing to satisfy my need to put thought to paper. I know, it’s weird. A virtual journal is more appealing to me due to me being a geek. Also, it being public-facing doesn’t really bother me. I don’t feel as though I have to censor myself or steer my verbiage. I feel pretty free to express whatever thought comes to mind.

Man, I still don’t understand what modern conservatives are doing. They’ve all lost their goddamn minds, and it seems to have started at evangelical churches. There’s something sinister afoot, and I think it’s wearing a frock. All of these churches operating with zero accountability for what they’re doing in the pews, zero accountability for the influx of cash, and zero accountability for what they espouse at the pulpit. It’s changing society for the worse. Religion has become a cancer in the United States. It truly has. From Waco to Ruby Ridge, we’re seeing perpetual abuse of children, brainwashing, and manipulation. I’d venture a guess that the entire MAGA movement is circulated in pews of evangelical churches, with fleets of church buses ferrying people to poll stations with the intent to vote for far right lunatics and further erode what we know as western democracy.

The evangelicals have left their “kiss of death” in the politics they play in; there’s no working with these people. They demand their requirements be met with zero compromise and they’ll shut everything down if need be in order to get exactly what they want. It’s a true stage five cancer that seems to be spreading. You can even see evidence of it in Ohio of all places.

I am a cult survivor. I survived indoctrination by the psychotic “Jehovah’s Witness” organization. They’re at least on par with Mormons as far as how fucked up they are. A couple Mormon kids came proselytizing at my house a week or so ago, and they didn’t really get far. I think they made it to my sidewalk before I informed them I don’t require what they’re peddling. They persisted, asked for water. I told them we’re a “dry house” and apologized. Hah.

The greatest service the Jehovah’s Witness organization ever performed for me was to acquaint me intimately with biblical knowledge. The more you know about the bible, the easier it is to eschew as a work of pure insanity. The Gnostics will finish the job, if you’re ever so inclined to dig deeper. The Gnostic texts inform the reader that Christianity is no different than any other religion- It was a tribally formed notion of meta-existence that involved deities to explain things that reason or rationality weren’t equipped to deal with at the time. Things such as drought, famine, severe weather; they were all handled by a pantheon of gods in all religions, up until the first “serious” Christians started giving Gnostic texts the boot. Once they were able to divorce “official” Christianity from Gnosticism, the growth became exponential. It became easier to understand, more widely applicable, and easier to make converts of people who were just trying to live well.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses will still try and tell you that the bible was informed by a magic sky wizard personally. It’s a stretch, to say the least, and my argument against it is pretty straightforward. I argue that any “god” that could lead humanity to where we are today is unfit for worship. Period. Zero exceptions.

Okay, I guess that was my morning rant. Maybe I’ll rant again later, too.