Everything you need to know is in the above link. If you labor under any delusion that the CIA has ceased influencing or attempting to influence public opinion, you’d have to be a pretty gullible individual.

The challenge anymore is to suss out who is trying to influence what. Who has something to gain from a particular position or idea? What blows my mind is that there are people out there who consider LGBT activism a “corporate agenda”. It’s incredibly naive to discount the fact that gay people aren’t gay by choice. It’s even more naive to assume that there aren’t young gay couples out there with dual incomes and no children who might want to donate to social causes that aim to make life safer or more comfortable for them. It may be an agenda, but it isn’t corporate, it’s human. What’s more, if you’ve spent any time watching the movement closely you’ll notice that they’re not afraid to include and help other oppressed minorities that they can reasonably scoop up along the way.

When I look at “religious freedom” political movements, though, I can see a pretty clear track record of church donations being untaxed and filtering into places that they really don’t belong. The evangelicals have taken the reigns of the GOP and are riding it straight into Hell. Barry Goldwater was right. They don’t compromise. They have no business in government. They’re effectively enjoying government representation without paying any fee to play, social or financial. Honestly I wouldn’t doubt the CIA likely moves plenty of money through the 501(c)(3) organizations either out of necessity or convenience. Granted, I have zero evidence of this, but I can’t think of a better reason for people to fight vehemently to keep churches untaxed than if the CIA were to lobby hard for the convenience. Not only them, but billionaires I’m sure also share in the tax-free glory hole that is the church donation plate direct into their coffers.

It’s all an illusion. God doesn’t need your hard earned income. If Jesus were “all powerful” it would be difficult to imagine him asking directly for Caesar’s coin. “Rend to Caesar that which is his” sounds mildly familiar, but not if you’re an evangelical. It’s in the bible, and we all know evangelicals don’t read that book.

Again, rambling and ranting and unfocused. Always unfocused. I can’t help it. I don’t know how to write any other way. Even essays are incredibly difficult for me to scope, despite how very narrowly they can be described. I’m just all over the place.

I’m watching some 90’s goodies today. If you’ve never seen “Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight”, I recommend giving it at least one go-through. You might regret it, I make no promises. But I enjoyed it and it’s a good bit of retro enjoyment. Yes, the plot has more holes than swiss cheese and it’s based on biblical silliness, but it’s still a gory fun time.

Now, one thing I am pretty certain of, is that I’m fairly certain the CIA is petitioning pretty hard for everyone in the US to support Ukraine fending off Russia. The CIA is very invested in Ukraine, they’ve been trying to prevent the annexation since before 2014. I will admit that I also support Ukraine fending off Russia, but my support is contingent on Ukraine continuing western style democracy. I support any and all independent nations practicing real western democracy with term limits, unlike the dictatorship Russia is currently oppressed by. Putin can’t stop killing political adversaries with Novichok. It’s just funny how everyone who criticizes Putin just “happens” to find a Novichok-laced piece of candy to eat once they become very popular. Funny, that. I also am anti-colonialism. That time has passed. Russia can fuck right off.

Does that mean I like the CIA? Fuck no. They’re terrorists. Fuck the CIA. But, fuck Russia as well.