This is the last great web browser. It’s not even perfect, in all fairness. However, you can grab the better version here. Just keep in mind you won’t be watching Netflix on LibreWolf any time soon, due to total lack of widevine implementation. Without widevine, your browser won’t be able to unpack the lame as shit digital rights management protections thrown all over the place these days. Youtube still works just fine, though.

So, why Firefox, you ask?

  1. Even Chromium is barred from allowing you data stream access to download streaming digital media.
  2. Google is strangling what can be done basing your browser on Chromium.
  3. Firefox has minimal telemetry out of the gate.
  4. Mozilla has been in the game longer.
  5. Better rendering engine.

Also, don’t forget to install Noscript. It’s absolutely necessary these days, with all the invasive spying bullshit going on nowadays.